Corporate Integrity Agreements

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Provider Name CIA Effective Date Status Provider Type
Young Adult Institute, Inc. "YAI" 01/14/2011 Active OPWDD
Lawrence D. Jaeger, D.O, Advanced Dermatology of New York, P.C. 05/28/2010 Expired Physician
FORBA Dental 01/15/2010 Expired Dental providers
Medical Answering Services 12/22/2009 Expired Transportation
Extended Nursing Personel CHHA 12/16/2009 Expired Home Care
Excellent Home Care Services 12/16/2009 Expired Home Care
B & H Healthcare Services, dba Nursing Personnel 12/16/2009 Expired Home Care

Suspended Status: A CIA that has not been terminated or expired, but is not being actively enforced. During the period of suspension, the CIA can be reactivated at any time by OMIG, in its sole discretion.

Expired Status: A CIA that has expired by the terms of CIA or a subsequent agreement. A CIA in expired status is no longer in effect.