"Back Drop Contract" means a contract consisting of a pool of prequalified vendors who are eligible to participate in a secondary mini-bid award process, or other specified selection process.

"Emergency" means an urgent and unexpected requirement where health and public safety or the conservation of public resources is at risk (see State Finance Law §163(1)(b)).

"Interested Party" means a participant in the procurement process and those whose participation in the procurement process has been foreclosed by the actions of the OMIG.

"Mini-Bid Process" is an abbreviated bid and selection process for individual agency projects utilizing a list of prequalified vendors on a back drop contract.

"Contract Award" is a written determination from the OMIG to an offerer indicating the OMIG has accepted its bid or offer (see State Finance Law §163(10)(a)).

"Protest" means a written challenge to a contract awarded by the OMIG.

"Restricted Period" means the period of time commencing with the earliest written notice, advertisement or solicitation of a request for proposal, invitation for bids, solicitation of proposals, or any other method for soliciting a response from vendors intending to result in a procurement contract with the OMIG and ending with the final contract award and approval by the OMIG, and, where applicable, the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC).

"Single Source" means a procurement in which, although two or more offerers can supply the required commodities or services, the OMIG, upon written findings setting forth the material and substantial reasons therefore, awards the contract to one offerer over the other (see State Finance Law §163(1)(h)).

"Sole Source" means a procurement in which only one offerer is capable of supplying the required commodities or services (see State Finance Law §163(1)(g)).

"Successful Bidder" means the offerer which receives written notification from the OMIG indicating that its bid or offer has been accepted.